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Through seminars, webinars and other such special training programs, Star Web Trak kee setting its standards higher every time. Just by taking part of any of these programs, one can evaluate his or her skills and capabilities. Hence check out the services we provide solution-wise –


Web Applications: Star Web Trak’s core web team is there to offer our customers the best web based solutions. Our logical approach to distinguish every business and its typical needs from some other businesses, and thus we thoughtfully choose technologies to work on the various projects like IT consultant software, ecommerce, banking, software programs development as well as management, security plans etc. for small to big business houses. Our team takes pride in its swiftness and knowledge on major web application development technologies like PHP, ASP, .Net, Flash etc.


Development and Support: Product Development Life Cycle models is considered to be one of the most significant steps in any project of software development. Unless the PDLC is followed properly, one may not achieve success in the software development. Star Web Trak has quite earned its repute as a software product developer whose focus lies on improving the work procedure of clients, cutting down their development heads and creating new plans to meet their business needs.


Solutions for SMEs: More than creating the best solutions, it is very important to understand that the size of the business matters in determining the solutions. The software needed in a 5 person start-up company shall not be applicable to a medium sized company of 200 people. Hence Star Web Trak takes care of your accurate business needs to ensure you an uninterrupted business growth.

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